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L44-F Treatment
Shelf Life Enhancement

Below are a series of documents showcasing the shelf life enhancing capabilities of L44-F across a variety of different produce types.

L44-F Case Studies

Trials on laboratory scale were taken up for checking the efficacy of Miracle L44 in increasing the shelf life of the vegetables, fruits and other products like chilies. The products were dipped in 2 % Miracle L44 treated potable water and product dried and kept for observation.

Picking Grapes

Grape Trials


Guava Trials

Chili Peppers

Chili Trials


Strawberry Trials

Red Tomatoes

Tomato Trials

L44-F and Shelf Life Enhancement.

L44-F enhances the shelf-life of produce by eradicating harmful pathogens that would otherwise degrade the health of the fruit or vegetable.

Trials were conducted by dipping the fruit or vegetable in Miracle L44-F, allowed to dry and then observed over the course of 21 days.

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