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Food Prep

Effective Solutions for Food Preparation & Catering Industries

The Food Preparation & Catering Industries are dedicated to providing customers with food and beverages which requires the highest level of hygiene and sanitation for safe processing. This can be achieved successfully with our organic, food grade solutions.

Miracle Everyday Food Safe Sanitizer 


         Food Safe Sanitiser is an organic, non-toxic, and chemical pesticide residue free food wash/rinse/spray killing harmful pathogens and food spoilage bacteria from food surfaces making the food completely healthy and safe to consume. 

    Being a potent bactericidal, virucidal, and fungicidal, our Food Safe Sanitiser works as a strong anti-microbial agent. 

Food Preparation

Importance of

Food Safe Sanitiser


This 100% organic and botanical extract-based sanitiser is perfect for a multitude of environments — from hard surfaces in food preparation areas to the bustling spaces of transportation and warehouse facilities.

It's also ideal for use in the food, dairy, catering, and restaurant industries, offering effective odour control and the highest level of hygiene.

Also, food grade hand sanitation of workers, employees, adds another level of hygiene impact in the industry.  

With our Miracle Everyday Food Safe Sanitiser, create a space that's not just clean, but organically pure, safeguarding the health of everyone.

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Food Safe Sanitiser