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Food Washing and Preparation

with L44-F

Food washing and food preparation areas have never been this safe.

Used for many years in the hospitality and food processing industries, L44-F has proven time and time again to be a highly effective, powerful food wash and surface sanitiser for food industries.

  • Effective in the fight against food wastage by removing harmful food-degrading pathogens.

  • NASAA-certified 100% organic, food grade, biodegradable residue-free and 100% non-toxic as per CNAS certification.

  • Registered under FSSAI, License No. 11522997000163.

  • It works by causing cell-wall intrusion, complexation of key cations and disruption of protein functioning which adversely affects cellular as well as non-cellular organisms like bacteria,
    fungi, molds and viruses.

IMPORTANT: Not to be ingested. For external use only.

As a food safe innovation, the use of L44-F in hospitality and food processing industries is logical.

The solution you've been waiting for.

Below are just some of the applications L44-F can be used for in your industry.


Food Preparation


The cleaning of food preparation areas is best done with food safe sanitisers like L44-F.

Hard Surface Disinfectant.jpg



The sanitation of surfaces in your venue is extremely important.




Completely food safe, L44-F is perfect for washing harmful pathogens from food.




100% Food Safe - Miracle
L44-F can be used on
practically any food and
be safe for everyone.

Fruit Processing.jpg



To be used during food processing to ensure cleanliness and shelf-life.

Hand Sanitiser.jpg



L44-F can be used as an eco-friendly, organic, 100% safe hand sanitiser.


We Recommend

L44-F Dosing Bottle

Available in a convenient 1L Dosing Bottle, L44-F can be easily integrated into any food wash and food processing operation. Also available in a 1L Jerry Can and 100ml Bottle.

Looking for more information? Contact our friendly sales team today!

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