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Dairy Industry Sanitation

with L44-D

L44-D: The organic breakthrough transforming hygiene and health standards in the dairy industry.

L44-D represents the pinnacle of organic innovation tailored for the dairy industry. As a specialized sanitation solution, it is meticulously formulated to address microbial challenges inherent to dairy operations. Derived from our proprietary blend of organic botanical extracts, L44-D not only ensures rigorous dairy cattle and plant hygiene but also creates a new benchmark in sustainable and certified organic practices, setting new standards in dairy industry sanitation.

  • L44 is certified to combat Lumpy Skin Disease, as tested by ICAR.

  • The Indian Veterinary Association approves L44 for the treatment of Lumpy Skin Disease, Mastitis and general wound healing.

  • NASAA-certified 100% organic, food grade, biodegradable residue-free and 100% non-toxic as per CNAS certification.

  • Registered under FSSAI, License No. 11522997000163.

  • L44 is ARTG Registered: 336809.

  • It works by causing cell-wall intrusion, complexation of key cations and disruption of protein functioning which adversely affects cellular as well as non-cellular organisms like bacteria,
    fungi, molds and viruses.

IMPORTANT: Not to be ingested. For external use only.

Miracle L44-D is safe, effective and kills harmful pathogens efficiently.

The solution you've been waiting for.

Below are just some of the applications L44-D can be used for in your industry.


Sanitation of Milk Equipment

Sanitation of milk equipment such as Milk Cans and BMC - Bulk Milk Cooler

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Hospital Grade Sanitation

Can be used as a hospital
grade disinfectant at
veterinary setups.

Buying Milk


MBRT Values

Helps in increasing and maintaining good MBRT value.

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Pet and Animal Bedding

Can be sprayed onto pet and animal bedding to control odor and disease.


Maintain Hygiene Conditions

Maintaining hygienic conditions for all cattle animals in dairy farms

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Prevention of common Cattle Diseases

Prevents and helps in treating common cattle diseases such as Mastitis, Lumpy Skin Disease and more. 


We Recommend

L44-D Dosing Bottle

Available in a convenient 1L Dosing Bottle, L44-D is super easy to integrate into your dairy or cattle business. Visit our store to get yours today! Also available in a 1L Jerry Can.

Looking for more information? Contact our friendly sales team today!

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