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Pets and Veterinary

with L44-V

L44-V is the organic innovation changing the way we ensure the hygiene and health of our animals.

Completely safe, L44-V is the perfect cleaning product for veterinary clinics and for our pets. It is made from 100% natural ingredients and is organically certified. Used for over 15 years across a huge range of industries, including animal industries, we know it's the perfect innovation for your business or home.

  • L44 is certified to combat Lumpy Skin Disease, as tested by ICAR.

  • L44 is approved by the Indian Veterinary Association for the treatment of Lumpy Skin Disease, Mastitis and general wound healing.

  • NASAA-certified 100% organic, food grade, biodegradable residue-free and 100% non-toxic as per CNAS certification.

  • Registered under FSSAI, License No. 11522997000163.

  • It works by causing cell-wall intrusion, complexation of key cations and disruption of protein functioning which adversely affects cellular as well as non-cellular organisms like bacteria,
    fungi, molds and viruses.

IMPORTANT: Not to be ingested. For external use only.

Miracle L44-V is safe, effective and kills harmful pathogens efficiently.

The solution you've been waiting for.

Below are just some of the applications L44-V can be used for in your industry.


Floor and Surface Cleaning

Highly effective hard surface sanitiser that can be used to clean a wide range of surfaces.


Hospital Grade Sanitation

Can be used as a hospital
grade disinfectant at
veterinary setups.




Helps to prevent spread
of infections at veterinary
hospitals and clinics.


Pet and Animal Bedding

Can be sprayed onto pet and animal bedding to control odor and disease.




Helps control odor and is able to help reduce insect issues.




Can be used to sanitise Veterinary workspaces ensuring the safety of employees.

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