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Targeting the critical issue of mastitis in dairy cattle, our Mastitis Curative Product offers a scientifically developed teat dip solution, formulated to address and treat this pervasive ailment. Utilizing a precise blend of organic compounds known for their therapeutic properties, it works effectively to reduce inflammation and eliminate mastitis-causing pathogens. The teat dip method ensures direct contact with the affected area, allowing for a thorough and gentle treatment process. Designed for ease of use in the dairy farm setting, it not only treats but also helps in preventing the recurrence of mastitis, ensuring the health of the livestock and the safety of milk production.


Our Mastitis Curative Product is:

  • Highly effective at treating sub-clinical Mastitis.
  • AYUSH Certified Organic.
  • Free from any harmful chemicals.
  • Non- toxic, Non-irritant 
  • Recommended by the Indian Veterinary Association.

Curative Teat Dip Solution for Mastitis - 1 litre bottle

    • AYUSH certified Organic Product 
    • ICAR & NRCG Certified: Tested Chemical and Pesticide Residues Free.
    • NASAA Certified Organic: 3502M
    • CNAS approved Non-toxic, Non-irritant 
    • FDA Approved Ingredients
    • Recommended by Indian Veterinary Association
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