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L44-FSS Miracle Everyday Food Safe Sanitiser is a standout in our range of organic sanitisation products, designed to deliver high-performance cleaning while ensuring environmental safety. Formulated with a potent blend of botanical extracts, this sanitizer is adept at disinfecting a wide array of hard surfaces, making it perfect for use in food preparation areas, transportation facilities, warehouse spaces, and the export industry. Its efficacy extends to odour control, enhancing the cleanliness and ambiance of spaces like catering and restaurant environments. Certified organic and food-safe, L44-FSS not only guarantees a germ-free and hygienic surface but does so with the utmost consideration for human health and the environment. Ideal for maintaining stringent sanitary conditions, it's a trusted ally in creating safer, cleaner spaces.


L44-FSS Miracle Food Safe Sanitiser is:

  • Certified 100% Organic.
  • Perfect for sanitising anywhere that requires food safety.
  • Perfect for sanitising storage units that house food.
  • Perfect for maintaining the general hygiene of food prepration areas.
  • Perfect for all food industries, including catering, restaurants, food processing etc.
  • Free from any harmful ingredients or chemicals.

Miracle Everyday Food Safe Sanitiser - 1 litre dosing bottle

    • Certified organic. 
    • ICAR & NRCG Certified: Tested Chemical Residues Free.
    • NASAA Certified Organic: 3502M
    • FDA Approved Ingredients
    • Certified Chemicl Pesticidal Residue Free
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