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Fumigation Ultimate (L44-FG) is a pivotal component in our organic product line, designed to meet the highest standards of fumigation and sanitation. This product utilizes a potent botanical extract blend to effectively neutralize a wide range of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Ideal for use in various settings, from transportation and warehouse facilities to food preparation areas and export industries, L44-FG ensures a thoroughly sanitized environment. Its organic formulation not only guarantees effectiveness in eliminating harmful agents but also maintains safety for users and the environment. This makes L44-FG an indispensable tool for industries seeking eco-friendly yet powerful fumigation solutions.


L44-FG Fumigation Ultimate is:

  • Able to kill 99.999% of all microbes in the air and on surfaces.
  • Offers >9 log reduction against yeast and mold spores. 
  • AYUSH Certified Organic product. 
  • Free from any harmful ingredients.
  • Safe for use in all environments.
  • Perfect for the transport industry.
  • Perfect for any industry where fumigation is required.

Fumigation Ultimate (L44-FG) - 1 litre dosing bottle

    • AYUSH certified organic product 
    • FSSAI Approved Ingredients. All ingredients in the product are listed on the FSSAI’s processing Aids & Nutraceuticals List.
    • ICAR & NRCG Certified: Tested Chemical Residues Free.
    • NASAA Certified Organic: 3502M
    • FDA Approved Ingredients
    • Certified Pesticidal Residue Free
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