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Poultry Protect (L44-P) is our specialized solution crafted to safeguard poultry health, harnessing the power of organic botanical extracts. This innovative formula serves as a dual-purpose agent: it's a feed supplement that boosts the immune system, and it's also an effective sanitizing agent for poultry environments. By incorporating Poultry Protect into your care regimen, you can enhance the hygienic conditions of poultry houses, sanitize animal bedding, and maintain optimal health standards. Its organic nature ensures that while it robustly combats a spectrum of microbial problems, it remains gentle and safe for your birds, supporting both their well-being and productivity.


L44-P Poultry Protect is:

  • AYUSH Certified Organic.
  • Free from any harmful chemicals and pesticides. 
  • Perfect for the sanitation and hygiene of all poultry environments.
  • Great as a feed supplement, boosting immune system and reducing stress.

Poultry Protect (L44-P) - 1 litre dosing bottle

    • AYUSH certified organic product. 
    • ICAR & NRCG Certified: Tested Chemical Residues Free.
    • NASAA Certified Organic: 3502M
    • FDA Approved Ingredients
    • Certified Chemical Pesticidal Residue Free
    • Recommended by Indian Veterinary Association
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