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Animal Care & Veterinary Solutions

AYUSH Certified 100% Organic Products

From treating Mastitis and Lumpy Skin Disease, to ensuring hygiene of your animals in a most effective & organic way.

L44-V: Veterinary Sanitation


L-44 V Veterinary Sanitation is an AYUSH certified organic,, botanical extract blend specifically formulated to tackle bacterial, fungal, and viral problems in animal hygiene. This powerful solution ensures a clean, safe environment for animals, making it an indispensable tool for veterinary clinics and animal care facilities. Its natural composition and effectiveness make it a top choice for maintaining optimal animal health and hygiene.

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L44-V: Mastitis Curative Solution

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Our AYUSH-certified organic Teat Dip solution for Mastitis is an innovative cure for one of the prevalent issues in dairy farming.

This unique teat dip formulation was developed to successfully treat and cure sub-clinical Mastitis in dairy cattle.

Crafted from a blend of organic ingredients, it destroys the Mastitis-causing bacteria from the udder of cattle, providing relief from pain and health issues.

Ready-To-Use Spray

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Our AYUSH-certified organic L44-V: Veterinary Sanitation Ready–To–Use Spray is specifically designed to kill 99.999% Lumpy Skin Disease Virus in cattle, eradicate Mastitis-causing microbes in cattle, treats lacerated and surgical wounds in animals.

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Case Studies

Trials across the cattle industry are paramount to the success of L44-V. We've conducted many studies on the efficacy of our products, and listed below are just a couple to showcase their power.

IMPORTANT: Some of the images in our case studies can be confronting as they show injured and sick animals.

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Lump Skin Disease Treatment

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Best Uses

Veterinary Sanitation (L44-V)

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  1. Sanitising Animal Sheds & Bedding

  2. Hygiene and Sanitation of Livestock

  3. Sanitation and Hygiene of Transport Vehicles

  4. Odour Control

  5. Maintaining hygienic conditions for all cattle, stables, livestock etc.

  6. Sanitation of Veterinary Clinics & Consulting Rooms.

  7. Treatment of Lumpy Skin Disease

  8. Prevention of Mastitis-causing Microbes

  9. Treatment of Lacerated and Surgical Wounds in Animals.


L44-V is tested and found effective against a huge range of microbes.


Staphylococcus aureus • Escherichia coli • Proteus vulgaris •

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus • Pseudomonas aeruginosa • Legionella pneumophila • Salmonella spp.• Lysteria monocytogens • Food spoilage bacteria


H1N1 virus • SARS-CoV19 • Lumpy Skin Disease Virus

Fungi and Spores:

Aspergillus nigero • Aspergillus brasiliensiso • Brettanomyceso • Candida albicanso Food spoilage fungi

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