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Green Field

About Us

We are a globally associated company who works in providing natural and healthy solutions for agriculture and allied areas development in the form of innovative products and services. We work with agribusiness houses, distributors, orchards owners, farming groups and other stakeholders in creating values towards the farm produces. Our team comprises of national and international professionals who are open-mindedly adopting and implementing innovative solutions for creating an impact in the society. 

Woman with Crate of Vegetables

One of the issues with “natural” cleaning products is there efficacy. Many natural cleaners fail to deliver as well as their toxic synthetic alternatives. Our cleaners and deodorizers have been tested in some of the harshest environments. Like industrial kitchens and livestock breeders.

Disinfectants and food production, particularly organic food production, don’t usually go hand in hand. The challenge is to control food pathogens without poisoning the food. That’s where Miracle Everyday (Aussan L44) fits in. Made from food-based ingredients our products cannot poison food or harm your livestock.

Miracle Everyday Applications.

Fruit Washing.jpg

Fruit & Veg


Clean Clothes



Hard Surface Disinfectant.jpg

Hard Surface


Hand Sanitiser.jpg



Cow and Her Calf

Animal Disease Management

Fruit Processing.jpg

Fruit & Vegetable





Cute Dog

Pet and Veterinary Applications

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