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Cattle Farm

L44-V Mastitis Curative
Mastitis Treatment

Below are a series of before and after images showing the effective nature of L44-V against Mastitis.

Milk Day 1

Day 1 of Mastitis Treatment. Milk is pink and very low volume.

L44-V Dip Treatment of Mastitis

Cow being treated for Mastitis using L44-V Dip Treatment.

Milk Day 4

Day 4 of Mastitis Treatment. Milk has returned to white and has much greater volume.

Sub-clinical Mastitis Case Study

L44-V and Mastitis.

L-44 V Mastitis curative Teat Dip is used to treat Sub-clinical mastitis,
by dipping the udder of cow for nearly 10 minutes

During treatment cows experienced significant improvements to udder health, shown in both colour and volume improvements of milk.

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