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  • Veterinary Sanitation (L44-V) - 250 ml spray bottle
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Veterinary Sanitation (L44-V) - 250 ml spray bottle


IMPORTANT: This product is a READY-TO-USE Spray


L44-V: Veterinary Sanitation (RTU) is a revolutionary broad-spectrum anti-microbial agent that offers unparalleled protection against bacteria, fungi, certain RNA and DNA viruses. 


L44-V is perfect for all livestock and veterinary health, well-being and sanitation requirements, from preventing Mastitis to treating Lumpy Skin Diease Virus in cattle, from treating the surgical wounds to helping in treatment of Bovine Stomatitis infection in cattle, L44-V has got you covered.


Whether you're a farmer or veterinarian, L44-V (RTU) is the ultimate solution for safeguarding your livestock. Don't settle for anything less than the best - choose L44-V (RTU) for maximum protection and peace of mind.


L44-V Veterinary Sanitation is:

  • AYUSH Certified Organic product.
  • Recommended by the Indian Veterinary Association.
  • 100% Free from Harmful Chemicals and is Non-toxic and Non-irritant. 
    • Available as a 250ml Ready-To-Use Spray