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Miracle Everyday L44-D
Dairy Disinfectant

Enhances the longevity of raw milk and milk products by preventing phage attacks through organic sanitation.

L44-D: Dairy


L44-D: AYUSH certified Dairy Disinfectant stands as a pioneering solution in the dairy industry, masterfully blended from botanical extracts.

Designed to effectively eradicate the microbial problems, this product is perfect for enhancing Disinfectant in dairy industry.

Utilisation of L-44 D as a surface disinfectant for various dairy equipment, such as milk cans and processing areas, not only it ensures the highest standards of hygiene but it also enhances milk quality without affecting the beneficial activity of Lactic Acid Bacteria at concentrations up to 6%.

With its ability to significantly reduce microbial load, inhibit biofilm formation, and prevent phage attacks, L44-D is an invaluable tool for maintaining premium quality and safety in dairy production.

We go up to udder sanitation

Miracle Everyday

Miracle Everyday L-44 D is uniquely designed from botanical extracts for dairy industry to ensure maximum level disinfection & to provide a safe processing environment.

 Areas of Applications

L44-D is tested and found effective against a huge range of microbes.

Bacteria :

Staphylococcus aureus • Escherichia coli • Proteus vulgaris •

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus • Pseudomonas aeruginosa • Legionella pneumophila • Salmonella spp.• Lysteria monocytogens • Food spoilage bacteria

Virus :

H1N1 virus • SARS-CoV19 • Lumpy Skin Disease Virus 

Fungi and Spores : 

Aspergillus nigero • Aspergillus brasiliensiso • Brettanomyceso • Candida albicanso • Food spoilage fungi

Impact of Routine Application

Milk quality is Improved

Microbial load is drastically reduced

Biofilm formation is prevented

Phage attacks are prevented

Enhances MBRT of raw milk

Get L44-D: Dairy Disinfectant

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milk cans & BMC (Bulk milk cooler) fogging

Milk tanker fogging

Cold steriliser for CIP in processing plant

Equipment fogging in fermented production Sector

Cold Sterilizer in

Can be used as cold sterilizer at minimal dosage. Effective cost as per retail price per CIP is Rs.700 for single CIP of 5000 ltr capacity plant.

Equipment Sanitation: Can be used for disinfecting Milk cans, BMC’s & equipment used in fermented products processing. Effective cost as per retail price per can fogging is 2 Paise.

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