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  • Dairy Disinfectant (L44-D)
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Dairy Disinfectant (L44-D)


L44-D Dairy Disinfectant is engineered to address the unique sanitation needs of the dairy industry with its certified organic formula. This product offers a robust defense against a broad spectrum of bacterial, viral, and fungal contaminants. Designed for use on surfaces that come into contact with dairy products, transport and packaging, L44-D ensures a clean and safe production environment. Its effectiveness in eradicating pathogens helps to enhance the quality of milk and dairy goods, while its organic composition safeguards both animal welfare and consumer health. With L44-D, dairy operations can maintain the highest standards of hygiene, contributing to superior product quality and reinforcing trust in their brand.


L44-D Dairy Disinfectant is:

  • AYUSH Certified Organic.
  • Specially designed for use in the dairy industry.
  • Effective at killing 99.999% of harmful pathogens.
  • Free from all harmful chemicals.
    • Available in 3 options: 100ml Bottle, 1L Jerry Can and 1L Dosing Bottle.