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  • L-44 V Pet Protect - 250 ml Spray Bottle
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L-44 V Pet Protect - 250 ml Spray Bottle


L-44 V Pet Protect is a testament to our dedication to organic, safe, and effective pet care. This versatile solution, crafted from a unique blend of botanical extracts, is designed to address a multitude of pet health needs. It excels in treating surgical and lacerated wounds, promoting faster and safer healing for your beloved pets. Beyond wound care, Pet Protect is also perfect for sanitizing pet kennels, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for your animals. Its organic nature means it's gentle on your pets but tough on germs, making it an ideal choice for conscientious pet owners who prioritize their pets' health and wellbeing.


Pet Protect is:

  • Perfect for keeping your pets safe from harmful pathogens.
  • AYUSH Certified Organic product.
  • Blend of botanical extracts. 
  • Great at cleaning and sanitising your pet's bedding and shelter.
  • Perfect for any households with children, because it's completely safe.
  • Free from any harmful chemicals.
    • Availabe as a 250 ml Ready-To-Use Spray