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Innovative Food Security and Livestock Health Solution.

Miracle Everyday is a multipurpose innovation acting as a Bactericide, Fungicide & Virucide



Miracle L44-F: The new wonder for shelf life enhancement without refrigeration.

Why Zero Waste

Why Miracle Everyday?

Every year, approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted. Food is lost at every step of its journey, from supply chain issues, haphazard distribution, buying practices, poor storage, or conventional farming practices.


Our Miracle product is a single solution to the food wastage problem.


It enhances the shelf life of fresh farm produce by stopping various microbial activities, delaying the degradation process. For optimal performance, it should be used as direct treatment before movement of fruit and vegetables after harvest. The product is tested for 183 harmful chemicals and is completely residue free

One Product,
Many Uses.
Miracle Everyday is an innovative multipurpose product capable of being used across a myriad of industries, in a huge number of ways.

Cattle and Dairy Applications

Tested to combat a myriad of dairy and cattle diseases to better protect your herd, including our recent certification combatting Lumpy Skin Disease.




Our products are a great addition to the spice industry, assisting in a myriad of ways.

Contact us to learn how.


Shelf Life Enhancement

By fighting microbes that would otherwise harm the longevity of food, our Miracle product delays this process, allowing for food to last much longer than conventional methods.


Pets and

Veterinary Clinics

Our product is safe for both animals and humans, making it the perfect sanitation product for use in veterinary clinics and around the home for pets.




Similar to shelf life enhancement applications, our Miracle product has the unique ability to contribute to the preservation of  food for longer periods of time during transport.


Food Wash Applications

Completely food safe, our Miracle product can play a huge role in the washing of foods, removing harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus and harmful chemicals found in traditional agriculture.

Learn more about how Miracle Everyday can help your Cattle be at their healthiest.

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Highly effective against major cattle disease such as Lumpy Skin Disease and Mastitis 

Miracle Everyday is a broad-spectrum innovation, effective against all bacteria, fungi and certain RNA and DNA viruses.

It works by causing cell-wall intrusion, complexation of key cations and disruption of protein functioning which adversely affects cellular as well as non-cellular organisms like bacteria, fungi, molds and viruses.


As an Aussan product, Miracle Everyday (Aussan L44) is an exceptional product that is safe for use on food, animals and in the home. Its ability to combat harmful viruses and bacteria are just some of the amazing things it's capable of.

Before Miracle L44 Spray
After Miracle L44 Spray

IMPORTANT: Not to be ingested. For external use only.

Helps extend shelf-life naturally and without the need for refrigeration.

Treat your harvest with Miracle Everyday, a 100% natural, non-alcoholic, non-toxic Shelf-Life Enhancer for your fruits and vegetables used right after harvesting, packaging, processing, and storage. Our Shelf-Life Enhancer solution adds life to your harvest at every stage.


That’s why Miracle Everyday is considered a miracle by farmers and buyers in every way.

Miracle Everyday's L44-F product is an excellent alternative to chemical rinses because it's completely safe. Our Shelf-Life Enhancer is intended to be used by drenching and washing fruit and vegetables during processing operations.

Tomatoes Untreated
Treated with Miracle L44

The loss of crops due to degradation is avoidable. Contact us to find out more.

Just a few of the things that make our Miracle product great.

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